• How is BOOZIE working? 

    With BOOZIE you discover venues where you get one free welcome drink every day.  Download the app for free, choose a venue near by and a welcome drink. Show the bartender the redemption screen and enjoy your free welcome drink.
  • How much cost the membership? +

    The App is free to download and you can try one welcome drink for free. If you decide to become a member, you receive every day a welcome drink for 9.99 EUR (29 CHF, 19.50 BGN, 74 HRK, 3.000 HUF) a month. That’s less than the price of two cocktails.

  • What types of venues are on BOOZIE? +
    We partner with trendy bars, shisha lounges, and restaurants in Europe. Currently, BOOZIE is available in top cities from Berlin to Zagreb, and we are launching in other cities as well.
  • I have a venue and how can I become a partner with BOOZIE? +
    Please contact us here: or write an email to
  • How soon can I get my first welcome drink? +
    After free downloading, you can try one welcome drink Immediately and after you become a subscriber you get the one welcome drink every day.
  • How many drinks do I get for my membership? +
    You can redeem one free welcome drink every day of the month. So 30+ drinks for the price of 9,99 € refreshes at 10am daily.
  • How do I get my free welcome drink? +
    It’s easy. In just four touches, you can redeem your drink. Step 1) Pick the venue, Step 2) View drinks, Step 3) Select the welcome drink and Step 4) Redeem your welcome drink (please show the server/bartender before you redeem).
  • What kind of welcome drinks do I get?+
    Every Partner decide what kind of welcome drinks he wants to offer. The selection can be from non-alcoholic drinks like tea or soft drinks to alcoholic cocktails and long drinks.
  • Can I go to multiple BOOZIE venues and get drinks from every venue? +
    You get One Drink Every Day. You select the venue, but once you redeem your drink for the day, you cannot get another one until the next day.
  • Who is behind BOOZIE? +
    BOOZIE was founded by a group of friends with extensive knowledge and background in nightlife and tech.
  • How can I cancel my BOOZIE membership?+
    In the App at the menu Plans & Billing you can cancel your subscription. You can also send us an email to Also your payment provider will inform you before the next payment.